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If you suffer from any food allergies or intolerances, please notify your server before placing your order.

Panko Encrusted Chicken Tenders    10-

Wedge Salad   10-

Loaded with bacon, ranch and bleu cheese, with tomato and scallions

Wings    12-​
Choice of Nashville Hot, BBQ, or Sweet Chili sauce

Calamari    13- 

Fish Tacos  12-

Served with coleslaw and spicy cream sauce topped with pickled onion and scallion

Citrus Salad    10-
5 different fresh fruits served on a bed of ricotta and arugula with sunflower seeds and dried cranberries

Mussels 15-
choice of Fra Diavolo or white wine garlic butter served w/ crostini

Garlic Shrimp     12-
Served in a white wine garlic butter sauce w/ grilled baguette

Mozzarella Sticks     10- 

Jalapeno Poppers    10-

Hah-vad Clam Chowdah    10-

Homemade, chunky, and full of flavor

Caesar Salad      10.00      (add chicken 5- or shrimp 6-)

Homemade dressing and croutons served with grated parmesan 

Crab Cakes     15.00

Homemade and mostly crab!

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